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Peernet's 5th Year Anniversary
Corporate Profile
Our Mission

Established in early 2000 as a legal website in its earlier stage, Peernet has evolved into a company providing comprehensive IT solution to legal industry at first and SME’s thereafter throughout these years. In order to follow-through our mission that we speak our clients? language, our management consists of two founders who are solicitors. Our believes were appreciated by the Law Society of Hong Kong and we were selected to be their IT partner responsible for the building, revamping and maintenance of their website and webmail system since 2000.

Accumulated with 5 years of dedication and development, we have decided to climb a higher mountain. Today, our clients include not only SME but also global corporate. We provides services ranging from web design and programming, to hardware maintenance and network security. To cope with the development of our clients, we believe this is not enough. Starting at the year of 2004, we have decided to pave our way for future’s development. We have paid enormous effort on the research and development for the application of Digital Certificate to our clients?business and we believe it is the unbeatable tread of the society.