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With our solid background and experience in portal site development and management, we are able to construct outstanding and professional corporate web sites to suit your needs. We shall analyze your requirements and consider your preferences throughout the whole process.

We adopt high quality graphics such as logos, banners, icons, buttons, clip arts, pictures and photos for your website. In addition, we also provide tailor-made multimedia design including flash, videos and audios.

For informative and functional web sites, we provide professional graphic and layout design to suit both you and your customer's needs. Our experts will follow your business objectives and deliver you a user-friendly and informative web site.

Our technical team is able to provide various web-based applications to suit your business requirements. We have solid experience in providing web mail, e-shop and online payment system. To meet with the expectation of different customers, we also provide web programming and database design programming services.

The followings are some of our clients' websites designed by us:

The Law Society of Hong Kong (www.hklawsoc.org.hk)

The Law Society of Hong Kong is one of the most professional body in Hong Kong. With great navigation flow design and sophisticated content management tools, the website is also filled with professional design which matches the Society's image. The website also provides interactive tools for visitors, secure membership login system, web-based professional courses booking system and a webmail system for its over 6,000 members.

Star Ferry and Harbour Tour
The interactive route map is the core element to make this website a successful one!

Messrs. Woo, Kwan, Lee & Lo (http://www.wkll.com)

As one of the largest law firm in Hong Kong, Messrs. Woo, Kwan, Lee & Lo’s website provides comprehensive details about its firm.

Chateau Meyre (http://www.chateaumeyre.com)

As a rising wine estate in France, ChateauMeyre’s website provides a feeling of comfort and holiday mood!

Asian Institute of Intelligent Buildings (http://www.aiib.net)

To consistent with the object of Aiib, we design a flash with very high tech feeling to satisfy client’s requirement

University Hall Alumni Limited (http://www.uhall.com.hk)

University Hall Alumni Limited is found by a group of HKU graduates who, during their university days, resided in University Hall. We adopted “green?as the main colour as it is their Hall colour.